Welcome to Conn-X
Design your connection sketches more quickly and at a lesser cost! Conn-X designs connections for all types of steel structures in accordance with the ASD, LRFD (AISC) and Limit States Design (CISC) specifications.

Whether you are looking for advanced expertise in connection engineering or need an additional workforce to complete your team, Conn-X will ensure that the engineering is delivered within the delays, and according to all standards and regulations.

Above all, you will avoid comprehension and coordination issues because our deliverables are easy to understand and will reduce or eliminate the back-and-forth between steel detailing and engineering.

Visit our Services to see how Conn-x
  • automatically creates scaled drawings,
  • verifies interferences,
  • reduces the delays in design and drawing,
  • delivers a Tekla Structures or SDS/2 labelled 3D model with sketch to be used on each end.

  • The Conn-X mission
    Be the Canadian leader in steel connections engineering and totally integrate the design process to the 3D modeling software.
  • A simple and innovative business model
    Make your structural steel connections design directly from Tekla Structures or SDS/2, the two major 3D modeling software used in steel manufacturing, to deliver a product that is personalized and perfectly integrated to your production.

  • Conn-X seeks the integration, the reduction of delays and the automation of the design process in structural steel connections
    Conn-X is your partner of choice to help meet your deadlines and budget.


  • Tips and tricks for enhanced collaboration

    As connection engineers, our greatest challenge is to ensure a good interpretation of the structural engineers’ work and at the same time take into account the time and budget factors dictated by the steel fabricators.

    Over time, we have identified a few simple elements...

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