Steel connection design
When working with Conn-X, you are guaranteed to receive deliverables and services of superior quality that will save you time and money.

Sealed scale drawings
Conn-X stands out by delivering scale sketches that simplify the work of the steel detailer upon validating the design.

Cost-effective and easy to build assemblies
Our engineers optimize the design to reduce your manufacturing costs while respecting your standards and the rules of art in installation.

Labelling of the drawings directly in the Tekla Structures and SDS/2 3D models
With our 3D models entirely labelled, it is no longer necessary to review the annotated structural drawings to try matching the different sketch number to the corresponding member. Labels are affixed to each steel member, directly within the model, allowing to quickly access each sketch and to identify in one single step all the members that require that same sketch.

Engineer seals for all Canadian provinces and partnership in the United States of America
Avoid intermediates and the duplication of subcontractors. The Conn-X team is composed of professional engineers who are licensed to practice anywhere in Canada. We also have partners in United States of America to seal drawings and calculations in all states.